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I have traveled to more than 50 countries around the world to learn more about the living conditions of the children. I have met children living under the bridge or in a manhole, children who walk 2 hours every day just to get to their schools, children who had to suffer violence, children who work in a smoking room and many more. So I have seen and learned a lot

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This lecture presents

three main points 


This world is wide so have a lot of culture, environment, race and  religion. Your normal things are not normal in this world. The Important of global society is that to know difference and understand each other


I want to tell that every poor children who I met in this world They are living in even hard environment.


Learning and challenging are the chance to get a dream. Open your eyes to the world and have a dream and challenge

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12 years old

elementary school student


I realised that my life is very lucky so I want to keep having gratitude

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14 years old

Junior high school student


My worries became so small things after his class. I want to open my eyes to the world and have big dream

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20 years old

University student


I learned world children and that the life of Mr.Teramoto

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Ms. Abiru

Associate professor at WASEDA university


I don't know other person who met a lot of street children around the world like him. He is opening the mind of university students.

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Mr. Oki

Principal of elementary school


His class is full of his real story. We can't learn it by text book

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of elementary school student.


Impressed. He told my kids instead of me about important things that I wanted to tell my kids. Every parents should also listen his messages.


Request for a lecture 

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