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The life you are living may be

a dream for

many people in this world

Street children class

I am visiting to many places to talk about children of the world

Online class start.

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The answer of what is the important for poor children is this FREE SCHOOL. I got this answer after I met and support many poor children by my self in this world

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"I want to go to school but my parents asked me to work"

Support to orphanage and free school

~Your donation will be a chance for children~

※Building a Free School and charity restaurant in India now 

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This NGO's CEO Mr.TERAMOTO opened this free school.

He is managing this free school by the profit of his book , cushions and restaurant. 

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Among the orphanages I visited, it may be the orphanage that needs the most support

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In addition to offering food, clothing and shelter, They also have moral classes that teach the dangers of drugs and street life

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It's a shame not to take these many chances to help those in need


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