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Our biggest mission is to make free schools in places with no education and to provide money and necessary things to these places

Usually, orphanage are getting support from government or NGO. Some orphanage have too much supports from big group but some orphanage are not able to get any supports, so It's very difficult to manage orphanage even to prepare foods for children. We want to help orphanages which needy help

Why free schools?

The reason for setting up a free school is that poor children need a place where everybody learn without money.because some poor children can not go to the school to work for family or live on the street. I don't think that to go to the school is very important but I think that if children want to go to the school but can not, this is a problem so I want to make a free school for children who want to learn.

Our education

What I would like to teach to children through free school is basic subjects such as math and language, home economics connected to daily life, and morality to convey the dangers of street life etc. And that Essential PC skills and English in the coming era. In particular English and morals are considered to be the most necessary skills for them to live

Learn to survive

The reason why children need these subjects is that they can all be useful skills for children to live on. Arithmetic is money calculation, home economics is a job at a restaurant or hotel, and English is the most necessary skill required for communication with travelers and for business with foreign countries. Moral learns the dangers of drugs and street life and prevents you from going on a crime path. With these skills, they can get some work and live on their own power.

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Even if children can not go to school everyday, only once a week or a month

will be important time for them. 

Who needs orphanages? 

The living environment of children varies, but some of them live on the street with only children. The reason is that parents suddenly disappear and children lose their place, and when they start living on the street, or when they feel at risk due to alcohol or drug addiction they can escape into the street life. Some children even go home for freedom in their own house. However, street life is by no means safe. It is of course difficult to secure a bed and food, and it is not uncommon to be involved in abductions and crimes from gangs

why orphanage?

For children who have lost their place, an orphanage is an essential existence. food and shelter are in place and can be watched by adults. And it is also necessary to be able to attend school

The struggles of orphanages  

However, some orphanages do not receive any support from the government or NGOs, so some orphanages have poor environments. battered clothes every day, not enough electricity and foods. These lead to children getting out of the orphanage and starting to live on the street. Therefore, by sending money and necessary supplies to the poor environment orphanage, it is possible to accept more street life children, and at the same time, the environment of the orphanage gets out of the orphanage because it is too poor. We can protect children who are overwhelmed

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Necessary skills

and family warmth taught by living

in the orphanage

I came across street children for the first time during my first ever abroad trip to Thailand.I was shocked to see them begging.This made me think about what I can do for the street children and orphans all around the world. So I started by setting out on a Journey to travel around the world. The purpose of my journey was to understand the situation of the street children and orphans all around the world. In an efforts to do so,I have visited more than 50 countries in the world. Currently,I am visiting to many schools to talk about the life of world children who I met in world journey.


Masashi Teramoto, CEO

Born in Kumamoto in 1989. Visited Thailand as the first ever overseas trip at the age of 23. Met street children there and got shocked by their lifestyle. Decided to contribute in delivering smiles to the poor children of the world. Departed for a journey to travel around the world in order to understand more about the street children of the world. Visited more than 50 countries. Decided to provide free educational support for the children in need.Giving lectures to the Japanese children all over Japan about the children of the world after returning back to Japan

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Learn how you can help orphanages and free schools 

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A talk about street children

of the world

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Please contact us about

any topic or question 

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